Feeding the World

Commissioner John McMillan taking his oath of office at the 2015 Inauguration ceremony.

Commissioner John McMillan taking his oath of office at the 2015 Inauguration ceremony.

The practice of agriculture has been around for thousands of years. Even on American soil, the Indians used to farm the land just as we do today; only we have modern technology to help support our crops and animals. Agriculture can be anything from growing crops, to raising various breeds of animals. It is Alabama’s number one industry, and it provides millions of jobs across the world. So, needless to say that we need agriculture in order to survive.

There are many possible crops that can be grown throughout the country. Some crops that grow well in our area are, corn, soybeans, cotton, wheat, and an extremely large amount of peanuts. The rearing of animals is also a huge portion in the agriculture industry. Alabama’s number one animal industry is the poultry industry. This industry provides more than $15 billion to the state each year. There are also beef, catfish and also a few dairy farms throughout the state.

I have grown up with animals always around my house. There have been cows, dogs, chickens, rabbits, turtles and even a few fish, freshwater and saltwater, just to name a few. Many of my childhood memories, especially from the summers, are of me getting into the truck with my grandfather to go feed his cows. There have been countless trips through the pasture.

Agricultural leaders are just as important as agriculture itself. This past Monday, I had the opportunity to attend the inauguration ceremony, of not only Governor Robert Bentley and Lt. Governor Kay Ivey, but also of the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries of Alabama, John McMillan. This is the second term McMillan has been elected Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries.

In his speech, Commissioner McMillan discussed the importance of youth and the future, and I agree with him. I believe the future of America is in the hands of its youth and we must educate them to be better leaders for tomorrow.

The inauguration ceremony was followed by a parade with college and high school bands from around the state. Troy’s own Sound of the South marching band was featured in the parade. This was my first time attending a State inauguration ceremony, and it certainly was a memorable one.

Remember Farming Feeds Alabama!


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