Alabama Adventures in Progress

Over the last year, I have had many different adventures dealing with the Alabama Farmers Federation and their monthly publication, Neighbors. Since then, I have become very good friends with Debra Davis, the Publications Director of the Federation. In my next few blog posts, I will be describing a few of the adventures I have had.

My first trip with Mrs. Davis consisted of shooting photographs of former Young Farmers Chairman, Allie Corcoran and also former Women’s Leadership Committee Chairman, Sharon Byrd. Our day started bright and early as we traveled to Eufaula, Alabama, to Backyard Orchards. Backyard Orchards is a fruit and vegetable farm run by Allie and her sister, Cassie Young. They were in the process of building a barn to house their new store/restaurant and office. It was a cold day in December. There were strawberries growing for the summer and the peach tree orchard was being tended to. Allie gave us a tour of the farm as we were looking for the best place to take a photo. We finally decided that her leaning on an old tractor was perfect!

After her photo was taken, we met with her sister and her two children, Gardner and Sterling, to get a group photo of all four of them in one of the families’ cotton fields. I also shot several photos around the farm of a few plants and animals. We then found our way to a local barbecue restaurant, which had some of the best I have ever eaten. Our goodbyes were shared and we then left for Ariton, Alabama, which is located just south of Troy, to meet Mrs. Byrd.

When we arrived to the Byrd residence, we were greeted with warm welcomes by, not only Mrs. Byrd, but also her extremely friendly dogs. We eventually proceeded to the porch swing, where I shot a photo of her. Now, we only needed one more photo to finish out our day. We needed a photo of the Byrds and their two sons. Mrs. Davis got a great shot of Mrs. Byrd, her husband, Jerry, and their sons, Brian and Steven.

The day was absolutely fantastic, and needless to say that I really did enjoy it. More adventures to come!

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