A Hidden Gem in Alabama


Rock Bridge Canyon Park Director, Mike Franklin on his horse, just in front of one of the parks natural waterfalls.

Waterfalls, ice and horses are just a few of the things that I photographed on my next adventure with ALFA and their Neighbors magazine. This was an extremely cold day in January 2014, just after “Snowmageddon.” We left very early for our destination, Rock Bridge Canyon Equestrian Park, which is in Hodges, Alabama. Hodges is located in northwest Alabama in Franklin County.

Rock Bridge Canyon is an equestrian and hiking park, featuring several natural waterfalls and over 20 miles of hiking trails for humans and horses. The park also has a natural rock bridge which is one-hundred feet high and eighty-two feet long. You can even camp in the park with an RV or by just using a tent!

When we arrived, we were greeted with warm welcomes by the park administrators and also the Saddle Club. The Saddle Club is a group of horseback riders that frequently visit the park to ride the trails and just have fun. We were there to shoot photographs of them riding through the park. The park itself is absolutely amazing. There are thousands of trees and the waterfalls are breath taking. We followed the riders down to the main waterfall to get a shot of Mike Franklin on his horse for a possible cover photo. Mike is the park director of Rock Bridge Canyon and also the police chief of Hodges. Most of the water had been frozen during the ice storm, so it was very cold.


A group of riders enjoying the trails through the park.

I was able to get a tour of the park by walking a few of the trails while taking photos of the horseback riders and the scenery. At one point, we were standing under the rock bridge, which seemed much larger than the numbers I previously provided. It was dark, massive, and astounding all at the same time. We wrapped up at the park and afterwards, we had a great lunch at small café, just down the road from the park.


Icicles hanging off a ledge, slowly melting away after the ice storm.

I had never heard of Hodges before this trip, much less of Rock Bridge Canyon Equestrian Park. Both are definitely hidden gems in northwest Alabama that I hope I can visit soon again.

To read the article from Neighbors about Rock Bridge Canyon, please click here.


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