A majority of the time, social media has a positive impact. But, sometimes the impact can be more than unfortunate. There are millions of news articles floating around on social media sites, and it only takes one mistake by a news organization to disrupt years of hard work that was meant to promote it. Social media is definitely a more convenient method of viewing the news. It is instant, while newspapers and television newscasts are usually published at a specific time or date. Social media news updates can be posted any time of the day. Social media can impact the world in more ways than we realize.

There are literally millions of social media sites on the web. Some of the most popular are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Vine, and YouTube. Each of them was created to serve a specific purpose. Facebook was created to connect with friends or relatives that can live next door to you or halfway around the world, while Instagram was created for posting photos of all kinds. Each of these can also supply news to their users, Facebook being the most popular site to view and share news updates. Personally, I think this is a great way to obtain news information, as long as it is obtained from a credible news organization.

A great social media site for users to discuss the news and for news organizations to post updates using hash tags is Twitter. Users on Twitter can create a “tweet” and reply to any news update with their own opinion. Hash tags are a great way to categorize tweets pertaining to specific news or any other subject. Social media users can even create news updates themselves by reporting directly to a site. Twitter is also a great site for users to give an opinion on news that is currently occurring. Although, arguments do often breakout due to differing opinions, but I believe we should be able to give our opinions freely while giving differing opinions respect.

Social media is key in our society. We no longer go to the newspaper for instant news updates, for that we look to the Internet. I, as well as many others, prefer to receive news updates almost instantly. Social media sites continue to expand due to the amount of users, not only because they want to connect with other people, but also to receive news updates.

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